The Academy of Educators in collaboration with the Medical Education Research Unit (MERU) is offering a certificate course for educators in the Washington University School of Medicine who would like to develop their skills for education research and scholarship. The course will equip educators to plan an education research/scholarship project and write a full proposal that can be used to implement the project, apply to the IRB for approval to do research with human participants, and/or apply for an education grant. Skills will be introduced for designing an education scholarship project, writing a protocol, reviewing the literature, writing research questions and project objectives, and using education theory to develop theoretical and conceptual frameworks. The course will also provide an introduction to methods in curriculum development and evaluation, qualitative research, survey development, and statistical methods in education. Each participating scholar will focus on the methods needed to fully develop a protocol for an education research or scholarship project of interest to them.

Course Structure:
The sessions of the course will address the following:

  1. Introduction to types of scholarship
    • Criteria for scholarship
    • Discover, application, teaching, integration, engagement
  2. Writing a proposal/ protocol for education scholarship
    • Creating a vision for an education study (“Once upon a time… And then I wondered…)
    • Writing a research question/developing project objectives
    • Introduction to the IRB
  3. Building a strong foundation
    • Reviewing the literature
    • Using education theory to develop theoretical and conceptual frameworks
  4. Introduction to curriculum design and evaluation (logic models, Miller’s Triangle, Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation)
  5. Introduction to qualitative research
  6. Introduction to statistical methods in education
  7. Introduction to surveys
  8. Final presentations of study proposals/protocols

This eight-week course will take place via Zoom, meeting once per week for one to two hours in the late afternoon with independent work required between meetings.

Who may apply?
All educators (faculty, fellows, education researchers and scholars, education research assistants) in the Washington University School of Medicine & Goldfarb School of Nursing faculty.

I completed the Teaching Scholars Program (TSP). May I complete this certificate also?
Graduates of the TSP are welcome to participate in this course in methods for education scholarship. The focus on research methods will be more extensive in this program.

What are the prerequisites?
The most important prerequisites are interest in doing education research/scholarship and the time to commit to 8 weekly meetings with independent study between meetings.

Who can answer questions?
Contact Dr. Janice Hanson ( with questions and to talk about possible education research/scholarship projects.

How can I apply?
Click the below link to the application.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, October 1, 2024 at 11:59pm

Eligibility: All educators (faculty, fellows, education researchers and scholars, education research assistants) in the Washington University School of Medicine.

Program Dates: 10/22/24; 10/29/24; 11/5/24; 11/13/24; 11/20/24; 11/26/24; 12/3/24; 12/10/24- All sessions will occur from 4pm-6pm.

Questions: Contact Janice Hanson at

2023-2024 Methods in Education Scholarship Graduates

Rachel Guess, Fellow in Pediatrics, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology

Danish Jaffer, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Erin Langton, Assistant Professor of Neurology

Hafsa Lodhi, Fellow in Pediatrics, Hospitalist Medicine

Isaac Mayefsky, Fellow in Pediatrics, Hospitalist Medicine

Kerri Ohman, Assistant Professor of Surgery

Matthew Sattler, Fellow in Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Kristen Wong, Fellow in Medicine, Cardiology

2022-2023 Methods in Education Scholarship Graduates

Anne Marie Anderson, Fellow in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Erin Arcipowski, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Alex Croft, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Shannon Devlin, Instructor in Medicine

Katie Jett, Associate Professor of Nursing

Spencer Lambdin, Fellow in Pediatric Hospitalist

Mary Claire McGlynn, Chief Resident in Pediatrics

Lori Meier, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Rachel Spies, Chief Resident in Pediatrics

Aja Sullivan, Instructor in Nursing

2021-2022 Methods in Education Scholarship Graduates

Miguel Chavez Concha, Instructor in Medicine

Steven Dunham, Assistant Professor of Neurology

Carey Holleran, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Kathryn Leonard, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Snehal Shah, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Katie Wolfe, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (PEFA)