The Foundations in Teaching Skills (FITS) Certificate Program targets junior educators (approximately 1-5 years out of training) as well as faculty who are newly incorporating teaching excellence into their careers. 

The Learner Assessment for Program Leaders is a longitudinal faculty development course sponsored by the Academy of Educators.

The Methods in Education Scholarship program equips educators to plan and education research/scholarship project and write a full proposal that can be used to implement the project, apply to the IRB for approval to do research with human participants, and/or apply for an education grant.

The Program Director Bootcamp is a 12-month certificate designed to enhance skills, build community, learn new skills, create innovations and career and professional development.

The Qualitative Research Methods for Education Scholarship program provides in-depth work in qualitative research methods, including writing research questions, planning sampling and data collection strategies, analyzing qualitative data, and writing qualitative research for publication.

The Teaching Scholars Program is a 12-month certificate program designed to enhance knowledge and skills, and develop future leaders in healthcare education with a focus on core components of educational scholarship and curriculum development.