Washington University School of Medicine’s Academy of Educators is a selective, service-based organization. Membership is a high honor and is granted through a formal review process. Applications are scored by a committee of Washington University School of Medicine educators and external reviewers.

Members are expected to actively participate in our programs and events, including scheduled meetings (roughly once per month). Members will be asked to self-report on engagement on an annual basis, including programming they wish to see developed or expanded. Membership in the Academy is for five years and may be renewable based on evidence of contributions and participation in Academy programs.

Click here to watch the Academy Overview and question/answer session.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Membership is open to individuals with a faculty appointment at Washington University School of Medicine (any rank or track).
  • A minimum of three years’ experience as an educator in a faculty, non-trainee role is required. For example, an individual who completed their last training experience in 2021 is eligible to apply in 2024.

Components of the Application

  • Review the criteria matrix and select two focus areas that best represent your achievements and interests in education.
  • Prepare a statement of interest of up to two pages, to address the following topics:
    • Brief description of your expertise in the focus areas you have chosen, with supporting examples.
    • If applicable, description of additional areas you wish to highlight (unscored).
    • Description of how Academy membership relates to your goals as an educator and what you hope to contribute to the Academy.
  • The application form allows you to indicate a committee in which you may want to participate (Awards, Education Day, Membership, Mentorship, Small Grants). Your selection is purely informational and can be changed after membership selection.
  • Obtain at least one letter of recommendation from a Program/Department head or someone else who can validate your educational expertise and contributions. The writer should not be a mentee.
  • Supplementary documentation examples and Mentoring History.

Submission Dates: 5.7.24 – 6.21.24. Notification will occur in August. The induction ceremony for elected new members will occur the afternoon of Tuesday, October 15, 2024 as part of Education Day.

Application review criteria: Criteria Matrix.