Call out block in a 30/70 column block. Image is in the other half.

Pullquote block within a 30/30/30 column block.

Susie Person

3 column block. Header H2

The 5 black & white images below are in a Gallery block, tiled mosaic. Header H3

Quote block on top of a cover block in a 3 column blcok

Goldstein award

Card block with Text Header rather than an Image Header.

Pull Quote Block dahf;lasdhf;lkdsahfl;kdsah


Quote Block on top of a Cover Block


Pull Quote on top of a Cover Block. On a Cover block, the text and pull quote bar only run in white. :/


Billboard block

Paragraph block

Block with caption. This image is full size.
This image is medium size. Separator is below.

I can’t make the pull quote bar red and I want to. 🙁

Said Beckie

But I can get it red outside of a Billboard. 🙂 IT can also be blue, yellow, dark grey, and turquoise.

Still Beckie

Cover block with quote block on top.

A block

Callout block at full width. Only lists, headings, and text can go in a Call out block.